Thursday, 29 January 2015

OK 2015. Let's go yeah.

 I don't really know what this is or what it means...?

 YES, I know what this is....the creature of the night known as a Fox...beware. clue...might of have a seizure when I drew this??

This is somewhere I spend a great deal of time, nice time.

This is a flower, I drew it from memory. I lied. I drew it from a flower.

 A dog called Harley who is a Jug. She is cute.

 Harley, asleep in her pub carrier. On her Muvvers new snood! Cheek of it.

 I got a thing about snakes...I DON'T FUCKING LIKE THEM...

 Saw these wotsits on Brighton beach. What a bleedin' sight.

Hello, it's a view of sunken Shoreham boats.