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Just 2 pages from Christmas day 2012

Brighton seafront painting

 Small Shitty Boat.

 Small Shitty Boat number 2.

The Madiera Lift, a picture and site I shall be re-visiting...

After wine I draw some rather odd things...

Cat, Hare, Stag, Bird, Cat, Bird...IN THAT ORDER.

 New boy Fred on the sofa, drawn without glasses on while my hair dye drys. 

 I love Hares!

 Re vamped Stag!

 Just a small bird, based loosely on a Kestrel.

 Hello Fred.

Waxwings now spotted in Lewes, Dec 2012

Redroaster series 1

 I'm glad you asked, it's called tall man on a coffee shop chair.

Would you pay £12.99 for a hot brew? What if you really wanted one?

I saw re-visit this subject.

November and December in the year 2012

 This is the badly drawn pew in the hospital chapel, I really must try harder but with only 15 minutes for my break it is a task!

 The selotape which is covered in selotape-how very.

Three pictures of really rather dull articles

 I do so love to draw these hand gel bottles.

 I do so love to draw these bottles don't I...

'The butterfly and the blood bottles', new nursery rhyme?

Three views drawn on three seperate days.

 The Library - BAD perspective, must try harder.

 View from where I was working (added colour at home so as not to waste valuable working time).

View 3

I haven't got a pot to piss in...